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Whether you’ve got a headboard that needs a makeover or are in the market for that perfect ottoman, I’m here to help you find, or create, the eclectic, comfortable furniture pieces of your dreams. Looking for inspiration and ideas? Peruse the Furniture Gallery or schedule an appointment to see the latest and greatest from the Violet Mae Collection. 

Violet Mae can refurbish, create or customize a unique conversation piece in one of three ways:



The chair that’s begging to be sat upon - today! 

Bring home your Violet Mae Collection piece. 


I love finding great homes for my most prized creations. Whether you visited my studio at Durango’s Smiley Building or saw one of my revamped pieces online, you could be the proud owner of a classic chair, ottoman, couch, pillow, or cushion from the Violet Mae Collection.

The chair you own that needs some love…

Spice up your furniture with a good ole fashioned reupholster. 


Bring me your tired, your outdated, your uncomfortable furniture and let’s make it something new and totally you. If you’ve got a frame, then I’ve got the fabric and know-how to customize the piece to fit your abode, style, and vision.


DSC_0203 (2).JPG

The chair you dream about creating…

Use one of my collector frames as the canvas for your own unique piece.


Road trip, anyone? In my lifelong hunt for forgotten furniture that’s just waiting to become a statement piece or family heirloom, I embrace the occasional field trip to flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and far-flung urban warehouses around the country. I bring my discovered treasures-with-potential back to Durango for a furniture makeover and then welcome you to join the journey by inviting the new creation into your life. Oh, the [maybe true] stories you’ll tell the grandkids about that super retro couch!

Pick a frame, pick a fabric,
and we do the rest!

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