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Saving vintage furniture one piece at a time

Welcome to Violet Mae Upholstery, where discarded, heirloom, and consignment furniture finds new life. I’m Emily Lloyd, owner and vintage furniture curator, and I specialize in reimagining and reupholstering used couches, chairs, ottomans, cushions, pillows, headboards, and more.

About Violet Mae

My greatest joy is working with the bones and structure of yesterday’s furniture to match it with a wild pop of color, texture, or both. I love preserving the old to make it current, relevant, and functional for your lifestyle. Together, let’s turn your every-day furniture choices into family heirlooms that’ll hold stories and the imagination for years to come. 


Emily Lloyd, Violet Mae Furniture

Violet Mae can refurbish, create or customize a unique conversation piece in one of three ways:

The chair that’s begging to be sat upon - today! 

Bring home your Violet Mae Collection piece.


The chair you own that needs some love…

Spice up your furniture with a good ole fashioned reupholster.


The chair you dream about creating…

Use one of my collector frames as the canvas for your own unique piece.



A Chair's Story...

Every piece of furniture has a story, from your grandmother’s 1950s couch to that chaise lounge from the mid-1800s you found at an estate sale. Snuggle in and learn about one chair's journey...

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